Brazil South America

Sao Paulo

The 4th most populous city in the world and the most populated in the Western and Southern hemispheres. It’s a home to the largest Arab, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese diasporas, also it’s native inhabitants are representing over 200 different nationalities.

Sao Paulo is one of the most unequal cities i have seen. Vila Nova Conceição for example is the neighborhood with the highest real estate prices above 3000 EUR per m². At the same time there is an area commonly called ”Cracolândia”, where one can see the summary of the major humanity’s issues.

How to move around?

Metro is probably the best option in case it’s located close from your destination, however, rush hours can be insane since it’s one of the most densely populated places on planet.

Ridesharing companies are widely used and are great solution if mobile internet is available. They are also good in terms of safety and especially at night.


As you may know largest cities in Brazil are infamous when it comes to safety. My main advise is, don’t generalize locations too much! It depends big time in which part of the city you are located, before booking hotel or doing other activities, would highly suggest to do research about neighborhoods. Don’t enter Favelas (slums or shanty towns) on your own, it’s usually easy to distinguish due to the orange bricks and concrete mixture, which gives an impression about unfinished building.

Chile South America

Torres del Paine

Located in Southern Chilean Patagonia is rich of mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers. Torres del Paine is one of the most famous sites in whole Patagonia.

How to get there?

There’s a bus from Puerto Natales, which can be accessed from Punta Arenas. The area of Torres del Paine is quite vast so please plan ahead transportation. There are tours in Puerto Natales or it’s possible to rent a car, you can try to share it, since almost every visitor is coming for the same purpose. During high season, there’s high demand in tourism! Also keep in mind it’s quite expensive destination, hostels in the park itself were above 60EUR per night.

Weather warning!

I am quite fearless backpacker myself, but this area can experience typical Patagonia’s weather, which is all seasons in one day and winds around 130km/h. Be careful when walking next to the cliffs, the wind is totally unpredictable and can push you out of nowhere.

Chile South America

Marble caves in Chile

One of the most underrated and unknown destinations in the world. Located in northern Patagonia next to General Carrera Lake. Interestingly, it’s also called Lake Buenos Aires, since other part of it is located in Argentina. It’s important to have a sunny day in order to enjoy Marble Caves as much as possible!

From/to Chile Chico

The marble caves (Catedral del Marmol) are located 160km from very small town called Chile Chico. That’s probably from where you will go if you come from the most common destinations around Santa Cruz province in Argentina. In case you are wondering how to reach Chile Chico by bus from Argentina, it’s easy! Once you are in Los Antiguos, there are shuttles which will take you across border, also walking can be considered since it’s around 10km distance. When you are in Chile Chico, in the main bus station all the information will be available about the bus to marble caves. In case you need accommodation, keep in mind that most hotels around the area don’t advertise online so just look for one once you are there.

From/to Coyhaique

Coyhaique is located 220km from Marble Caves, the same applies here. There are special touristic vans which travel couple of times a day. Keep in mind, it takes time, since it’s not a straight road and some parts are unpaved. From Coyhaique it’s easier to reach other parts of Chile and Argentina, however, keep in mind that those buses might not be departing daily!

Argentina South America


As it’s commonly know the Southern most city also called end of the world. The reason I went to Ushuaia was to visit Antarctica, however even with no intentions to do so it’s worth visiting. Best time to visit is during summer December-February, in winter it gets quite cold and snowy, with that being said there are also ski resorts, so it depends on the purpose of the trip. There are plenty of hiking trails around Tierra Del Fuego national park, where it’s possible to reach the ”end of the world”, place were the world’s longest route – Pan-American highway ends. And on the east side of the city there are many more hiking trails with amazing lakes. Organised vans, which can be booked next to the port in the center will take you there.