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Travel warnings and restrictions

This page provides information on travel restrictions within the country during the summer of 2022. While I will be sharing my own experiences and highlighting regions where I faced issues, it is important to note that this list may not be comprehensive. It’s always a good idea to check the areas you intend to visit before you travel.

I traveled through the Gilgit-Baltistan region and did not face any major issues. I did come across a few checkpoints on the way, but they did not cause any significant delays. However, I did not venture far off the main roads and cities. At one checkpoint from Gilgit to Skardu, I was asked for a hotel confirmation. I am unsure of how the situation would have played out if I did not have one. Overall, I found the country to be extremely safe during my month-long journey.

South of Punjab and Northern Sindh provinces!

This area is very tricky! It’s very likely you won’t be allowed to travel without police escort. First strange thing noticed, once booking a hotel online in Faisalabad, the host cancelled it. The real “fun” started once i decided to go directly to Multan. I had reservation, but the hotel told me that they have no rights to accommodate a foreigner! ”Hotel Multan Continental” was the cheapest one (20USD) apart from expensive western chains, which had ”appropriate security standarts” to accommodate foreigners. In order to check-in, it was required to arrive with police escort, so I managed to get it after couple of hours at the local police station. Afterwards, there was no way to move around independently. Hotel would contact police and they would escort me, extremely slow and lengthy response usually. Once they escorted me to the bus, which would take me to Bahawalpur. It seemed ok, but the following they once I was hitchhiking back from Derawar, police noticed me and the same thing happened. I spent over 3h in two different police stations before I could go back to Bahawalpur, where the local police was waiting me. Since my train was following day at night, after check-out time was forced to spend 8 hours at Bahawalapur train station. Arriving early at Sukkur, there was no police, but then later next day at Hyderabad, the police noiced me again, so I went to Karachi in order to get rid of them. Karachi was hassle free, but my day trip to Thatta ended up with another police escort.

Kashmir and Balochistan

These areas require special seperate permits to visit. I had minivan from Mansehra to Muzaffarabad, the border control guys were friendly and really tried to help me, but they had no authority to let me pass the border with Azad Kashmir. From what I’ve heard it takes up to two weeks prior to get these permits. Regards Balochistan, there was an exception which allowed me to do a day-trip from Karachi to Gaddani.

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Hunza Valley is a beautiful valley located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Karakoram range and is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and hospitable people. The valley is situated at an altitude of 2,438 meters (7,999 feet) above sea level and spans an area of approximately 7,900 square kilometers.

The valley is home to several small villages, including Karimabad, Altit, and Baltit. These villages offer a glimpse into the traditional way of life of the local people, who are predominantly Ismaili Muslims. The people of Hunza are known for their hospitality, and visitors can expect to be warmly welcomed.

One of the most famous landmarks in the valley is the Baltit Fort, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort was built in the 8th century and served as the residence of the Mirs of Hunza until the 1940s. Today, it has been restored and turned into a museum that showcases the history and culture of the region.

Hunza Valley is also known for its stunning natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including Rakaposhi, Ultar Sar, and Ladyfinger Peak. The valley is also home to several glaciers, including the famous Batura Glacier, which is one of the largest glaciers outside of the polar regions.

How to get around?

From Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Hunza it was very easy and comfortable bus ride with “Faisal movers”, they have wide coverage and can be suggested for the ones who prefer more comfortable rides. The price for this journey at the summer of 2022 was less than 20USD (20h journey, depending on various conditions).

Hunza-Gilgit-Skardu – there is a regular minivan service between, they can be pretty packed and the price was just couple of USD, however the road condition at the summer of 2022 was surprisingly good.


When i was returning from Skardu, decided to try small minivan, since from this city options are more limited. The journey, was aproximately two times shorter and cheaper, however it was one of the least comortable rides throughout my travels.