Chile South America

Marble caves in Chile

One of the most underrated and unknown destinations in the world. Located in northern Patagonia next to General Carrera Lake. Interestingly, it’s also called Lake Buenos Aires, since other part of it is located in Argentina. It’s important to have a sunny day in order to enjoy Marble Caves as much as possible!

From/to Chile Chico

The marble caves (Catedral del Marmol) are located 160km from very small town called Chile Chico. That’s probably from where you will go if you come from the most common destinations around Santa Cruz province in Argentina. In case you are wondering how to reach Chile Chico by bus from Argentina, it’s easy! Once you are in Los Antiguos, there are shuttles which will take you across border, also walking can be considered since it’s around 10km distance. When you are in Chile Chico, in the main bus station all the information will be available about the bus to marble caves. In case you need accommodation, keep in mind that most hotels around the area don’t advertise online so just look for one once you are there.

From/to Coyhaique

Coyhaique is located 220km from Marble Caves, the same applies here. There are special touristic vans which travel couple of times a day. Keep in mind, it takes time, since it’s not a straight road and some parts are unpaved. From Coyhaique it’s easier to reach other parts of Chile and Argentina, however, keep in mind that those buses might not be departing daily!

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