Have you ever wondered how to get to this one of the world’s most remote place? And also how to do it for as cheap as possible?

Antarctica is the most remote, coldest, driest, windiest and highest continent. The vast majority of visitors come by cruise ship from Ushuaia in Argentina. According to my experience, that’s the best way. Ushuaia, the city called end of the world, because it is literally. Once you arrive in Ushuaia, there will be many agencies organizing trips to Antarctica. From what I heard from other passengers also is that it’s better not to have a prior reservation. Just be sure to have enough extra time to hang around Ushuaia in case of waiting for the next ship (5 days in my case). I decided to compare many different deals between agencies, to my surprise, they were almost same, but one agency promised me free rent clothing equipment, otherwise the price was same. When it comes to the price, everything below 500 USD a day is cheap. I was very lucky since covid was already in China and lots of seats were available. We were bunch of backpackers and I paid 5000 USD for 12 nights all included, single room and ability to cross the polar circle.

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